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Out Line Company

Optical Fiber & Telecom

Out Line S.r.l. DNA is based on thirty years of knowledge in Optical Fiber and telecommunications technologies evolution.
Its HQ, warehouse and production is located near Rome, Italy, with strategic affiliates and Out Line personnel in China.

Initially aimed to the products development and reselling of leading companies portfolio, Out Line has evolved into the creation of innovative solutions as result of the networks evolution understanding and specific intimacy at R&D, Marketing, Procurement and Business End Users level.

Our Products

Optical Passive Components

Patch cord – Pigtail Connector – Fast Connector Adapter
Smad Attenuator – PLC Splitter WDM – Reflector FBG

Optical Cable

FRP Cables 1/2 Fibers –  FRP Cables 8 Fibers

Fiber Management

Fiber Optic Splice Closure – Fiber Distribution Box
SubRack – Optical Cable Duct

Fiber Optic Systems

FTTH System

Optical Tools

Full Case for Jointers – Cutting and Stripping Tools
Polishing Tools

Optical Instruments

Measuring Instruments – Fusion Splicer


Microduct and accessories for fiber optic microcable

Rack Cabinets

19” Rack Cabinets for Datacenter


Power Distribution Unit

Our main goal has always been to offer high quality in our processes as well as to offer high quality products to our customers.
Out Line s.r.l. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


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