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Out Line Company – Optical Fiber & Telecom


Out Line S.r.l. DNA is based on thirty years of knowledge in energy and telecommunications technologies evolution. Its Head Quarter, warehouse and production is located near Rome, Italy, with strategic affiliates and consultants spread all over the world and Out Line personnel in China.

Initially aimed to the products development and reselling of leading companies portfolio, Out Line has evolved into the creation of innovative solutions as result of the networks evolution understanding and specific intimacy at R&D, Marketing, Procurement and Business End Users level. 

In the Telecom and Energy markets such level of intimacy can generate design differentiation and those key success factors that lead to the competitive advantage in the respective field of competencies.

Fundamental policy of Out Line is to fulfill the requirements of customers beyond their expectations. In this context, our main goal is to design affordable, practical and reliable products with our extensive experience and knowledge, to produce them accurately and timely and to offer highquality after-sale service.

All our employees strive to perform their duties correctly, excellently and timely during all processes and activities in accordance with the continuous improvement principle with respect to our environment. Our main principle is to work based on the motto ‘All groups are responsible for quality and environmental efforts’ by creating a participative, quality-oriented and open-forchange environment together with all our employees.

Accordingly, we consider that performing quick, efficient and economic productions in a way that ensures customer satisfaction in accordance with legislations and environmental awareness is the first and most significant indicator of success. In the R & D laboratory of Formello (Rome), a team of technicians and designers can understand customer needs and develop a consistent proposal with demand and expectations, plus the added value that comes from high expertise and professionalism of the staff, while the warehouse, always at Formello, guarantees the delivery of standard products in a very short time.



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