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Rack Cabinets

19” Rack Cabinets for Datacenter


19” Rack Cabinets for Datacenter

Rack cabinets and accessories: wall cabinets, structured wiring racks, server cabinets and their accessories, anti-theft cabinets, soundproof cabinets, video surveillance cabinets and audio / video systems, IP55 internal and external cabinets.

Pruduct’s Range

  • 19 “Rack Cabinets
  • Cabinets for Networking and structured cabling
  • Accessories for Networking Cabinets
  • Data center and server cabinets
  • Accessories for servers and data centers
  • Wall mount cabinets
  • Data Room Cabinets – Shelter – POP
  • Outdoor cabinets
  • Copper cabling systems
  • Security Box – InBlok
  • Air conditioners
  • In-Row Cabinet
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • PDU