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Micro Ducts

Micro Ducts


The complete microduct system includes an extensive range of micro ducts , sealing elements and fittings. These products consist of durable materials, which can individually be combined and extended if necessary.

Microducts for subducting and direct burying

High-end quality for modern fiber optic networks.

This solution facilitates a flexible, cost saving and maximum utilisation of capacity of empty and occupied ducts.

The directely buried solution assure highest flexibility when constructing fiber optic networks.

Bundles and flat multi microduct for subducting and direct burying

Available several configurations, different microduct size of multi microduct for subducting and direct burying.

Microduct Accessories

Available all accessories in order to support microduct infrastructures as : sealing and fixing elements , connecting elements, manhole insertions, tools, cellar elements, sleeves.